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Meeting your delivery needs


Courier One Express offers courier services to commercial and residential customers in the metro Atlanta and surrounding area. Courier One provides reliable and professional courier service at the lowest rates in Atlanta. We offer three types of services on all our runs:

Rush Service: Your package delivered within 2 hours.

Standard Service: Your package delivered within 4 hours

Scheduled Service: Any customized route service can be scheduled to meet your needs. These routes can include (but are not limited to) post office, bank, and home delivery routes.

Courier One is your number one choice for:

  • Airport Run 
  • Bank Run 
  • Post Office Run 
  • Courthouse Run 
  • Healthcare Run 
  • Personal Run 

Create a free COE Access account today to start placing orders online. If you would like to use our service on a one time basis please call us at 770-989-0019 with your order and we will be glad to meet your delivery needs.

Airport Run

Rush, Standard, or Scheduled

Need something picked up or dropped off at the airport? Just call Courier One and we’ll take care of it in no time.

Bank Run

Rush, Standard, or Scheduled

Not enough time to get to the bank? Just call Courier One! Our reliable drivers can handle personal and commercial deposits in a timely manner.

Post Office Run

Rush, Standard, or Scheduled

Need your office mail picked up or delivered to the Post Office? Courier One can help! We can schedule a Post Office run for your company.

Courthouse Run

Rush, Standard, or Scheduled

Have legal documents that need to be filed at the courthouse and no time? Courier One drivers are experienced in all courthouse filings. Just call us and we’ll stand in the long line for you.

Healthcare Run

Rush, Standard, or Scheduled

Are you at a clinic, hospital, blood bank, lab or pharmacy and need your pharmaceuticals, specimens, medical or surgical supplies urgently delivered? Don’t worry! Courier One is the courier company to call.

Personal Run

Rush, Standard, or Scheduled

Don’t like sitting in traffic, but have an important package that needs to be delivered across town? Courier One can handle all your same day personal delivery needs.